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Apple leggings forever is one second


Super comfy and gorgeous leggings by the Italian brand forever is one second.

Practical leggings designed to allow babies and children to explore their surroundings! Beautiful, soft and with happy colours!

80% organic cotton, 15% polyamide, 5% elastane

We advise you to wash the leggings inside out before wear to allow the fibers to settle.

Made in Europe


Size guide:

0-6 months - length 33 cm, waist (relaxed) 36 cm

6-12months - length 38 cm, waist (relaxed) 36 cm

1-2 years - length 42 cm, waist (relaxed) 39 cm

3-4 years - length 46 cm, waist (relaxed) 39 cm

5-6 years - length 55 cm, waist (relaxed) 42 cm